Server Rules

Please respect the rules of our server so that we all have a nice place to hang out and build with friends. Breaking any of these rules can result in a mute or a ban, and can come without warning. Not reading these rules does NOT mean you are not responsible.

Common Sense Stuff

  • Respect Staff Decisions. This includes ALL staff — mods, admins, and owners. If you do not agree with a decision, punishment, or rule, go up the chain of command. Owners > Admins > Mods. 


  • Do not grief. Grief is breaking or placing blocks in areas that belong to someone else without their permission. 
  • Do not kill other player’s animals or destroy their plants without their permission. This is considered grief.
  • Grief fixes are limited to 2 months. If you are unable to log in within that time, then it is assumed that you have lost interest in playing on our server. If you know that you will be away for more than 2 months, please ask a friend to check your build for grief.
  • Stealing from unlocked chests is legal.

Chat Behaviour

  • Profanity is legal on our server. Despite this, do not use racial slurs, homophobic terms, or anything that could be construed as disrespectful towards another player and their lifestyle.
  • Spamming is frowned upon. Please do not do it. Spamming is considered anything that is repetitive, such as repeated messages, multiple shop advertisements within a short period of time (please limit these to once every 10 minutes!), or using a ridiculous amount of letters or other characters in your messages (ex. YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS).
  • Do not impersonate staff of this server or of popular minecraft sites. We will laugh at you and give you silly titles and possibly kick you repeatedly. If it becomes a bigger problem, we will ban you.
  • Be kind and respectful to one another. Refrain from making disparaging remarks towards other players or their builds. If you do not like someone’s build or someone in particular, just ignore them. You will be warned, and muted if you continue to be rude towards other players.
  • If you cannot say something nice, DO NOT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL. We’re here to help one another, not tear each other down. Don’t be a butt.


  • Do not create malicious or deadly warps. PvP warps are okay as long as a person coming in has a reasonable amount of time to escape to safety.
  • PvP is legal everywhere in the wilderness (outside of protected areas), but stalking someone for the sake of killing them repeatedly (either by yourself or with a group) is not permitted. If another player is unreasonably harassed to the point where the game cannot be played, then you and your group will be warned.


  • No AFK machines. Machines will be destroyed, and materials will not be returned. Do not do or use anything to avoid the 30 minute AFK timer (weighting down keys, mouse settings, etc). Futhermore, if your Minecraft character is able to do something without you actively controlling it, it is not allowed. 
  • At public server warps and grinders, do not AFK in such a way that others will be inconvenienced. Feel free to stand to the side, but do not block access, or steal people’s dropped items or XP.
  • Do not abuse any bugs. If you find a bug, please report it.
  • Do not set your homes or warps in someone else’s area without their permission.
  • Scamming should be avoided, however, you are responsible for what you acquire from other players. Obvious scams, such as chest shop scamming, will be disabled.
  • Do not use anything that gives you an unfair advantage.


We can ban you for any reason we see fit, and can deny your appeal for any reason. If we deny your appeal, please do not message or post several times to get it overturned. This will result in you being permanently banned without reconsideration. Be patient!

The rules of the server can change at ANY TIME without warning, so please check back regularly. If you are unsure about a rule, please modreq and we will help you.