• The servers are now offline. Thank you for all the years of fun and adventure. We have retired our servers and will be moving on to other things. Our discord and the forums will remain open for communications between our community.

General + Helpful commands


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General starter commands -

/warp wild
- teleports you to the survival world spawn area.

/rtp - will teleport you to a random location in the survival world, may be used every 5 minutes.

/sethome [name - will not work with numbers] - sets your home location. use /home to return here and /homes to view all your homes if you have multiple

/warp list - shows all warps available to you, use /warp [name] to teleport there. /warp spawn brings you to the server spawn and /warp market to the server shop.

/money, /fe, /bal - displays your current balance, /money pay [playername] to pay others.

/kit - lists the kits available to you, /kit [kitname] to acquire said kit.

/tpa [playername] - requests to teleport to a player. use /tpaccept to accept and /tpacancel to cancel a pending request. /tpahere to request a player to teleport to you and /tpdeny to deny a request.

/help - lists plugins you can see the available commands for with /help [pluginname] and lists other executable commands.

/rules - displays the basic server rules.

/msg [playername] - sends a private message to the specified player, use /r to reply quicker.

- /modreq [message here, 3 word minimum]. opens up a request for admins and owners with your msg. used to report grief or other rule breaking, or for general enquiries.

/slimefun guide
- this will give you a slimefun guide, which is a plugin used to simulate modded minecraft within a vanilla client. the guide allows you to research/unlock various items and then see how to craft said items.

Rank related commands etc. -

/tags - displays all tags you can currently have, click on one in the GUI to apply it.

- shows info about all of the ranks and how to get them.

- apply for the architect rank.

/mcmmo help
- displays all basic commands for the mcMMO plugin.

- displays all basic commands for the jobs plugin, /jobs browse to browse jobs and /jobs join [jobname] to join a job. you may only have three at jobs at any one time.

*Commands that server donators can access:

/chest buy
- allows you to access your virtual /chest.

/UC buy
- allows you to access the uncrafter with /uc.

- opens your virtual enderchest.

- opens your virtual anvil.

- opens your virtual workbench/crafting table.

/trash - opens your virtual portal into the trash dimension. *use of the trash command involves time travel in order to create a separate universe and timeline, identical to ours, except for the fact that your trashed item now remains stuck with the "other you" and you are free from said unwanted item.

/gift [playername] - allows you to gift what is in your hand to a player, use a value after to specify the amount or "all" to gift all of that type of item from your inventory.


/blamepogo - always blame pogo.