• The servers are now offline. Thank you for all the years of fun and adventure. We have retired our servers and will be moving on to other things. Our discord and the forums will remain open for communications between our community.


All Servers It's been a great ride. Thank you.

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Okay, everyone, I have some news that I need to share. It's not easy news, so please excuse me if I get a bit wordy or whatever.

I think we've all realized for a long time, a few years now, that Beasts has been in a decline as far as interest goes. We saw our peak several years ago and just haven't been able to reach it since. When we took over a year ago, we had hoped to get this place back up on it's feet and Make Beasts Great Again, but sadly, it just hasn't been able to happen. Whatever the reason, the fact of the matter is is that I feel that the time has come to hang it up and move on to other things. The community has grown up and moved on to other bigger, better games, or life in general has kept them busy, which is absolutely fine and understandable and I am not trying to blame you for anything. It's just something that happens to damn near everything eventually. We're a small server, and there is so much competition out there doing it better than we are, and we gave it out best shot, but in the end, I don't see the server being able to continue any longer. This is just something that happens and it's nobody's fault. The thing is we tried our best.
In June, I will be retiring BeastsMC. The Discord, website and dropbox will stay intact, and the maps will be uploaded to them for players to download and enjoy. I will not make any of our plugins available, nor their configurations, however, if any other server owners/admins need any help, please let me know and I will try my best to assist how I can.

This was not an easy decision to make. I have been a part of this community since 2014 and made a lot of friends, as have a lot of you. Beasts has been a huge part of a lot of your lives, a lot of memories and great things have been made here, and will remain something special to all of us. For me, personally, it's given me a chance to make friends that I have been able to carry with me despite moving around a lot in real life, where the military lifestyle has not been kind in that aspect.

I have loved every minute of being part of this great community, being able to go from just some random unknown to being trusted enough to handle the whole shebang. When I first started here and was going over our old website, I never in a million years thought I would be owning it. It's been absolutely wild, and a great learning experience.
I feel that part of the responsibility of being an owner is making hard decisions such as this. I've thought about this for months, trying to decide what would be the best decision for the server, and although it's a very difficult call to make, the 'adult' decision here is to lay it to rest, knowing that we've done our best, it had a good run, and now it's time to let it go.

I want to thank everybody, staff and players alike, for their time, their contributions and just being here in general. Without you, we wouldn't have made it this far. Beasts has been going since 2012 at the very least, maybe a bit older than that, which is an incredible feat considering how small we are.

Special thanks to our donators who have helped fund us. JayAmazing for setting up our new server and maintaining things that I cannot. Moz for being an amazing person, player, admin and owner who has demonstrated a very keen sense of fairness for everybody, even if it meant being the 'bad guy' in some situations. By all rights, she earned the title of 'owner' years ago. Pogo for being an absolutely amazing friend to everybody, helping wherever he could if anyone asked. All of our admins and mods for their work in trying to make things fun and as fair as possible for everybody. Our players, regardless of donator status, thank you. Without you, we wouldn't even be here.

This discord will stay open for anyone who wishes to stay and keep in contact, as well as our website and facebook.

It's been a great ride, and again, thank you all for making Beasts what it is and was.


Upcoming Survival Reset and Creative update!

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Hi, Beasties!

I just wanted to make a quick note about the upcoming survival reset. I am aiming for about mid- to late May for a new map, with the launching of Creative soon after (no exact dates yet!). This is also dependent on any changes 1.13 will make to plugins. I am working on whittling down unnecessary ones and tweaking current ones that are being kept or introduced for next map.

With these updates, there will be some other changes, mainly in the backend of the game and helping the servers flow together better. A huge goal of mine is to integrate permissions between servers so that players are able to have benefits on both servers by being active and completing tasks, donating, etc. This means that donators can receive benefits on BOTH servers with one donation. I will post an update once I finalize donator perks on both sides.

Oh noes, a reset!

Many of you may be wondering what happens during a reset, and here is a short and simple explanation: everything, except for purchased ranks, donator perks and titles will be wiped. This means that you will start off completely fresh as if you were beginning a new game. The map will be completely replaced with a new one, so there will be no other builds from previous maps. You will need to get back out there and gather supplies and SURVIVE! :)

Can I get my build moved over? I worked so hard on it :(

No, sorry :(

What about the map? Can I download it so I can play it later?

Once the new map is established, the old one will be zipped up and uploaded to our Dropbox!

Learning from the past

This map has been a real ride, I tell ya! This was our first under completely new ownership, and my first as an actual server owner. It was a learning experience, to be sure. With the help of some very generous people both staff and players alike, we've managed to put together a pretty awesome map. The first few months were very bumpy with a lot of severe issues, and occasional hiccups since (although the later hiccups were plugin related rather than server related), and with those worked out, I am looking forward to going into a new map with knowledge I didn't have when I came into this one.

Going forward, I will be focusing on getting Survival and Creative together, and weeding out things we don't need or have not performed how it should, and bringing in new features which I am hoping will be exciting for all our players.

Whew! That's all for now, guys. Have a great day and see you in game!

- Vi

PS- Join our Discord!

Creative Moderator Application:

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Hey everyone, as you know, we've decided to keep the server running, and follow our original plan on launching creative. We still need staff members, so if you are interested please apply using the link below. Please note that all previous applications were lost, and will not be included this time around.

Thank you all, and good luck!


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