The Great Crash of 2017

So, if you’ve been online recently, you know that something went wrong. A corrupt chunk on the main world has repeatedly been crashing the server, along with a plugin. We’re narrowing down which plugin is causing the issue (removing and readding one by one to test). For now, this has resolved the crashing issues. However — we need to switch worlds to avoid future issues. We have made a new world with the same seed, and will move any build you ask us to to this new world.

You will not lose your builds if you do what I say below.

So, please stand at your build, and do /modreq please move this build. One of us will move it, and make you a new home at /home temp. If you are online, we will ask for you to please lock your own chests, but if you aren’t, we will. Please do this ASAP.

For now, using your inventory and enderchest is safe, but we might have to ask you to empty those into chests in the future, if we need to alter player data, or something like that. (Vi is the speaker of tech here, sorry!)

Sorry about the issues, but like I said in my last post, we’re still smoothing out all the bumps involved with building and running a relatively complicated server with new plugins.

Thanks for understanding, feel free to post to our forums (or message one of us on Discord) if you have any questions!

~ Moz

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