I just wanted to update everyone on our progress. Our lovely dev and myself (more the dev, he gets all the love for this!) have been hard at work getting our server set up. So far, we have gotten our forums set up, as well as some of the more advanced administrative things. We are working on some guides for the plugins we will be using, and just having some fun in Discord.

There’s been a few questions as for what to expect on the new Beasts.

  • Donators
    • We plan to honor the lifetime donators from the old server and transition them to the new donator structure, which will be outlined in a future post. You will still receive some awesome perks for your contributions, some old, and some new. We hope to make it worth it!
  • Donations in general
    • For now, the Buycraft shop is mostly bare, but you can still donate a few bucks towards server costs if you would like (we are very grateful for anything you can give, but you are not at all obligated to donate!).
    • Donations will be similar to the old structure, and lifetime donations will be available permanently in our shop. You can choose to buy monthly or permanently. Sales will happen periodically, so players can take advantage of nice discounts and get in on some lifetime donor ranks!
  • Map size
    • This hasn’t been discussed too much, but since we are only going to be running one server, you can expect it to be a bit bigger than previous maps, so there will be plenty to explore!
  • Towny
    • Towny is gone! We have had numerous problems in the past with this plugin and will be trying out a new one, GriefPrevention, for our land protection. GriefPrevention will allow players to protect their own land without having to rely on a mayor or whether there is enough money in their town bank to keep the land protected. You will have full control over your land, and unless you  unclaim it, will be protected permanently.
  • Economy
    • I would like to have player shops as the core of our economy, which means that there will be a very small to no server shop planned. Players will be responsible for gathering their materials and creating shops to sell to other players. Bytes (our currency) can be gained in other ways, such as voting, chest prizes, jobs, and more!
  • Old Bans
    • If you have an old local ban, it will not carry over to this new map (with the exception of a few really naughty people). Global bans that were issued through McBans can be appealed on our forums. We want to give all players a second chance and an opportunity to be part of the community again.
  • Moderators & other staff positions
    • We have plenty of moderators and admins right now to operate and are not currently looking for new staff members. However, this can change in the future, so we will keep a lookout for fresh faces to add to our roster!
  • Lastly and most importantly, when do we expect to be up and running?
    • For players, within the next few weeks is what we’re expecting. There’s still a bit to work on before we’re fully ready to unveil the fruits of our labor <3


That’s all for now, Beasties! You can join in on the discussion on our Discord channel, our forums, or our Facebook page! See you soon!



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