BeastsMC Changes!

Welcome to our new homepage for the BeastsMC Survival server!

As many of you have noticed, the BMC network has not been doing spectacularly. We’ve lasted quite a long time, and have done great things, have made great friends, have built amazing structures, and have had a lot of fun. However, as many things do for their own reasons, the population declined, and people grew up, went on to do other things, but many of us have stuck together through other means because we’re still friends.

Because of how much we love this community, we are going to give this another shot. We will be focusing on a survival server with new plugins and some updated features that will make gameplay exciting and different than what many of you have come to know on previous maps. Many of these features will be revealed over time until we launch because #hypetrain 😀

Thank you to everybody who has stuck it out with us, and a big welcome to new faces who will be joining our community.

I am excited and look forward to playing with all of you!


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